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National Parks Services regulations generally prohibit Federal Parkland from being used for business solicitation or for the advertisement or promotion of commercial brands, products and services. As such, no commercial notices and advertisements shall be placed, posted or distributed at the event. Further, no structures representing commercial products or models or replications of commercial products or merchandize shall be displayed. Further, consistent with NPS rules, special event permits will expressly prohibit the erection, placement or use of structures and signs bearing commercial advertising.

Cultural Vendors include literature and books vendors, non profit cultural and educational organizations, as well as vendors who are not necessarily interested in selling their products, but presenting them and educating people as to their cultural relevance.

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Once accepted, all Cultural Vendors must pay their vendor fee using the link below. Please note that you need to select the Vendor Fee that applies to you from the drop down menu; taxes are already included in the fee noted below.    

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