About the Festival

What is the festival about?

Around the World Cultural Food Festival brings together diverse, authentic, living traditions from different countries around the world. Our mission is to preserve and strengthen the culture of each country while presenting it to the public throughout the course of this event and give all the participants a chance to learn from one another and understand the cultural differences and similarities.


Every year we careful select one or more organizations who support children’s creative abilities and promote educational development in arts and music to donate funds to.

How will it be presented?

With an expected attendance of over 15,000 people, everyone will experience these unique cultural connections through cooking demonstrations, music and dance performances.

Why are we different?

  • Around The World Cultural Food Festival is more than a food event ~ it is a Cultural and Educational Experience!!
  • With only 1 restaurant per country ~ we are carefully selecting the best of the best for our attendees! The event gives the participating restaurants a chance to present their culinary customs and traditions to the attendees.
  • This year, we are introducing a Cultural Fashion Show! We are also encouraging attendees to come dressed up in their traditional costumes and participate in the show.
  • We focus on Culture only! So, you will not experience the overwhelming advertising of brands as seen in other events. Our Sponsors will be able to display their name and brand through a non-aggressive advertising, focused on the educational and cultural component only.
  • All of our performers and artists interact with the audience and have 10 to 15 minute dance lessons to teach them their traditional dance moves.
  • We are the first event who brings the embassies to our attendees and not the other way around. Who else better than an embassy can present the beauty, traditions and customs of a country?

According to a research done by Destinations DC on the number of visitors Washington DC had in 2014, the National Park Services – Mall locations had 28.8 million visitors, which placed this location on the second place of the most visited locations in DC (the first one was National Park Services – All locations with 39.2 million visitors). DC’s total visitor volume in 2014 reached a record high and is expected to continue to increase by 2 to 3% each year through 2018. (Destination DC – www.destinationdc.com).

With over 30 countries participating in the event accompanied by their embassies, with food, music, dance, fun — this alone is the perfect recipe for a great event!!