Everyone Loves Fried Dough

Around The World Cultural Food Festival – National Mall at the Washington Monument, June 17-18th, 2017 at 11 AM – 8 PM

Let’s be honest: Is there anything better than biting into a warm, airy, fresh donut?

They may come in different names, shapes, and sizes, but every culture has its own take on fried dough.

There’s no doubt that this “dessert du jour” has won hearts all over the world. Its worldwide presence is indisputable, even if the rotund pastry takes on varying forms in its foreign venues. Countries near and far have their own diverse and delectable ways to enjoy the fried dough dessert. Sprinkled with sugar, stuffed with cream or custard, and dipped in melted chocolate or even soy milk, these high-calorie crullers have made themselves a mainstay quotidian treat and breakfast option. Here’s a look at the delicious forms doughnuts take in other countries.