The Delicious Korean Cuisine


Korean cuisine was greatly influenced by the geography and climate of the Korean Peninsula. The Korean way of preparing and eating their dishes makes for healthy eating.
Korean foods are definitely different from foods elsewhere in the world. The one attribute which stands out the most is spiciness. The other is that many dishes are served at room temperature (yet some are served to boil hot). Korean food has a distinctive flavor, with the use of various vegetables and spices to complement the meats. 
Red pepper paste, green onion, soy sauce, bean paste, garlic, and ginger are just some of the many seasonings Koreans use to flavor their dishes. The food is served with a bland grain such as rice to cool the heat of the spices.
Like the Chinese and Japanese, Koreans eat rice with almost every meal and use chopsticks. Eating with chopsticks means the food is usually cut up into little pieces that are easy to pick up. Food cut this size cooks fast, which cuts down on the use of fuel.
Unlike China and Japan, however, Korea was never a tea-drinking nation.